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Ibiza has always been a popular summer destination, which had the beautiful and the not so beautiful druggie culture. All has changed. Ibiza’s market is super hot, and every year shows new heights it is achieving. Golf courses, water sports, great food and nightlife, combined with new hotels and the most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion, opened in 2014. Last year private jet travel in July was up 90% from July of the year before: jets were being diverted all over the place, as the airport was overwhelmed with the traffic.






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Luxury Real Estate on the Rise in Spain

Vista Alegre, Ibiza. Property courtesy Pinkwater Select Madrid’s luxury residential and rental market is the second fastest growing market in Europe. A year-on-year price increase of 6.2% puts Madrid’s market behind only Monaco’s (7.9%), according to Prime Global Cities Index.The capital’s luxury residential market is the second fastest growing market in Europe. Across Europe, prices have risen by 0.8% on average; luxury holiday rentals are also on the rise. Home rentals between €3,000 and €8,000 are up 10% across the country. Holidaymakers heading to Ibiza are the most likely to opt for a luxury break, while upmarket short-time rental properties stood

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Hello Summer

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Ibiza’s houses for all seasons

Ibiza’s houses for all seasons

    Ibiza, the hottest resort in Europe as of now, has become a year-round destination.  Families are moving in, putting their children in increasingly good schools, loving the weather and lifestyle.  Now direct flights to the business capitals of the world make it easy for people to commute in the off season, and soon enough, Ibiza will be a full time destination.  Why not?   Read the entire article at How to Spend It.


Ibiza Rebranding to Luxury Destination

    Ibiza was the hottest summer island destination in 2014, with private jet travel up 90% from the year before. Its efforts to rebrand itself from party/druggy to VIP luxury is working. Catering to the very rich, Ibiza has invested in the lifestyle it offers, revamping its deep water marina for super yachts and opening top restaurants and true five-star hotels. The new Sublomination at the Hard Rock Hotel is supposed to be the most expensive restaurant in the world.   Read more at The Hollywood Reporter  


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