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“Globalization represents a tidal wave of change and opportunity. Businesses and lifestyles are becoming more international every day. As a result, brokers at the very top of the luxury real estate market need to actively expand their global reach if they wish to catch and prosper from that wave.”
—Royce Pinkwater 

Founder of Pinkwater Select, a strategic real estate advisory specializing in all transactional aspects of super-prime property, Royce Pinkwater is one of the top-ranking experts in luxury realty worldwide. A former Senior Vice President of Sotheby’s International Realty, Ms. Pinkwater has been distinguished by the Wall Street Journal as being in the top one hundredth of one percent of real estate agents in the nation, and through out her career consistently ranked at the top one percent of Sotheby’s International Realty producers on a global scale.

In 2011, while serving as Senior Vice President, Royce Pinkwater founded the Global Partnership at Sotheby’s International Realty. As Founder and Chair of the Global Partnership, Ms. Pinkwater brought together a powerhouse network composed of the finest Sotheby’s realtors in each key market, enabling her to have her fingers on the pulse of prime real estate worldwide.

With the goal of expanding on her success with the Global Partnership Ms. Pinkwater left Sotheby’s and founded her own independent real estate advisory, Pinkwater Select, in 2014.

Pinkwater Select is an innovative one-stop-shop. Led by Royce Pinkwater and a core team of global property experts, international attorneys, tax specialists, architects, and financial analysts, Pinkwater Select works with clients to understand and achieve their property investment objectives worldwide.

Pinkwater Select’s extensive network of over 70 leading experts in more than 30 key global markets work seamlessly with the core team to identify the property types and markets that are the best possible investments for each client.

In addition, Pinkwater Select provides direct access to syndicated investment opportunities in property acquisitions and development projects in key global markets. For more information please visit

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